Company news 2011

RAICO represents Germany at the European Business Awards.

The European Business Awards are Europe’s biggest and most important competition for companies and enterprises. More than 15,000 companies from 30 countries were analyzed and evaluated by the jury. Only a few hundred companies managed to reach the preliminary round where the country representatives were chosen. The selected companies stand for a turnover of more than 766 billion Euro (i. e. 6 % of the EU’s GNP) and employ more than 3.5 million people.

European Business Awards

‘We were enthusiastic when we learned about having been nominated to be a representative of the German economy. The European Business Award is very well known among economists and highly evaluated due to the qualified selection process and award-giving to the most dynamic European companies’, Rainer Vögele and Albert Inninger, Managing Partners of RAICO Bautechnik, comment as a first reaction to the wonderful news. ‘Next year we will celebrate the company’s 20th anniversary: We are particularly happy that the jury of the most important European competition judges us to be one of the leading companies in our country and in our industry, and that we are to represent Germany’, adds Dr Stefan Lackner, Director Marketing and Product Management, with pride.


RAICO Bautechnik will represent German economy by taking part in the finals of the competition with great confidence, and will give everything to bring one of the much sought-after awards ‘Ruban d’Honneur’ home to Germany and to Pfaffenhausen.