Steel curtain wall


The THERM+ mullion-transom curtain wall systems made of steel
combine the advantages of set-on-top constructions with the ones offered
by curtain wall systems with integrated screwing channel. On the one hand,
the fixture technique of the steel curtain wall system makes it possible
to choose freely from standard steel profiles.
On the other hand, the particular set-on-top construction features
an optimal protection from corrosion since in this way no components
end up lying surface to surface.

for all curtain walls and glass roofs with an inclination of up to 2°,
with standard steel profiles from 50 mm width.


THERM+ S-I Steel profiles in T-shape
with an elevation width of 60 mm and a depth of 60, 90, or 120 mm
are suitable ideally for sophisticated glazing curtain walls.
More custom-made profiles upon inquiry.

THERM+ S-I Steel profiles in T-shape

THERM+ S-I Base profile options
The base profiles are available in pre-rolled stainless steel
with integrated aluminium screw port, or in mild steel for galvanised finishes,
with a retro fit aluminium screw port.


THERM+ S-I Interior gasket options
Type „S“ with lateral guide by means of a clip-on plastic guiding profile.
Type „L“ with lateral guide and lip for huge radiuses of steel tubes.
Type „D“ for positioning of the gasket directly onto the steel support profile.


Technical Data

System width 50 / 56 / 76 mm
For steel profiles from 50 mm width
Steel profiles in T-shape 60 mm width, 60 / 90 / 120 mm depth
Infill thickness 4 to 64 mm
Glass weight up to 1,500 kg
Drainage levels 2 or 3
Polygonal assembly up to 45°
Glass roofs up to 2° inclination
Conservatories yes

Approvals / certifications / CE-labelling
based on product standard for curtain walling EN 13830

Thermal insulation
incl. screw influence
up to Um,t = 0.78 W/(m²K)
Wind resistance positive/negative 2.5 / 3.75 kN/m²
Air permeability AE (>600)
Water tightness RE 1,950
Airborne sound insulation Rw (C;Ctr) = 41 (-3; -7) db
Rw (C;Ctr) = 51 (-1; -4) db
Fall protection (TRAV) yes, without additional measures
German general approval curtain wall system Z-14.4-446

Protection against corrosion - a technical advantage

With its specific material properties, steel offers an extremely rich variety of forms and therefore a diverse range of creative possibilities. The unique patented fixture principle of the THERM+ system has been developed from real-life requirements in order to extend those possibilities further without limiting itself to glazed curtain walling, and at the same time to reach a safe but simple assembly as well as providing maximum protection against corrosion.

  • Perfect protection against corrosion due to a 3 mm safety distance between structural profile and system base profile, thus no metal components in direct contact with each other (see fig. 1).
  • Patented base profile system with stainless steel clad aluminium screw port,
    for easy fabrication and reliable manufacture.
  • Option for galvanised structures in coastal areas or within swimming pool environment: the S235JR mild steel shroud with retro fit powder coated aluminium screw port.
  • Spot-welding fixation for reduced production times.
  • High screw retention values and smooth screw fastening due to the aluminium screw channel.
  • Easy and efficient fabrication with practical system tools.

  • Efficient heat insulation up to passive-house certification
    with Um,t = 0.78 W/(m²K)
    (considering screw influence).
  • Stepless thermal insulation by means of patented RAICO Insulation Block Technology.
  • Set-on-top construction for any steel support profile with a width from 50 mm.
  • All connections in the complete loads chain officially approved by building control authorities – from the welding onto the support construction over the glass load transfer to the screwing of the pressure plates.
  • Safe and easy glass load transmission for heavy panes of up to 800 kg, with supplementary components of up to 1,500 kg.
  • Integrated drainage system in continuous gasket in three levels.