Structural Glazing


The THERM+ Structural Glazing SG2 curtain wall systems feature the most filigree glazing technique. Only a narrow silicone joint remains visible between the insulation glass panes. Fixing of the interior pane is done easily, quickly and securely with the help of special turning SG glass holders. By means of the insulation system using the SG ­insulating block, curtain walls achieve outstanding thermal insulation values.

THERM+ Aluminium
THERM+ Steel
THERM+ Timber

Variety of combination possibilities

SG2 curtain walls may be combined with any other system versions, as well as pressure plates and suction holders selected at will. SG curtain walls come in system widths of 50 and 56 mm, suitable for installing glass panes 32 to 52 mm thick. 

  • Can be combined with any of our other system variations, with any pressure profiles and also with suction discs.
  • Efficient and safe glass fixation with special structural glazing toggles.
  • High heat insulation up to Uf = 0.90 W/(m¬≤K) (considering screw influence).
  • Executable with all THERM+ series in the system widths 50 and 56 mm.
  • For double or triple glazing, from 32 to 64 mm thickness.
  • Both vertical and glass roof application available.