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WING 105 DI - Rooflight window

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With its low profile height, its large sash dimensions and its specific sealing technique, the WING 105 DI skylight is the perfect solution for almost any application with an inclination down to 2° from horizontal.


  • Two-frame sash design without any visible screws or glazing beads on the outside
  • Reliable drainage due to a special profile design and triple sealing system for safe water tightness
  • Completely concealed hinges, mountable on any side
  • Only 37 mm of glass offset between the glass roof and the rooflight window
  • Available as system for self-fabrication or as pre-assembled units
Max. width 2,500 mm
Max. height 2,500 mm
Max. sash weight 165 kg (110 kg side hung)
Opening angles 65° (90°)
Infill thickness 9 to 48 mm
Approvals tested with 2° inclination
Approvals based on product standard for window EN 14351-1
Wind resistance Class C4
Air permeability Class 4
Water penetration E 1500
Airborne sound insulation
Burglar resistance
Continuous-operational testing
Thermal insulation Uf = 2.7 W/(m²K) up to 3.2 W/(m²K)