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FRAME+ 75 LF-WG – Automatic Ventilation flap


The automatic ventilation flap FRAME+ 75 LF-WG has invisible integrated motor technology and a special outer frame design, enabling the incorporation of an insect protection or perforated sheet metal plate. It ensures the optimal ventilation and aeration of conservatories and other buildings.


  • By the fixed opening width of 120 mm without further action in the open condition, the flap is burglar and impact-proof
  • The motor drive is perfectly integrated under the continuous center gasket, invisible in the fixed frame
  • Available as system for self-fabrication or as pre-assembled units
  • By running a highly insulated composite airfoil without frame and glazing beads and both sides homogeneous planar surfaces results in a particularly inconspicuous design
  • Integrable inconspicuous insect protection with a 80 % open area ventilation
Resistance to wind load Class C5/B5
Air permea­bility Class 4
Water tightness up to E 900
Operating forces Class 1 and 2
Resistance against impact Class 5