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FRAME+ 75 LF 200/300 – Ventilation flap

Product Objects

Completing the FRAME+ product series, two ventilation flaps are available for the curtain wall system THERM+ (elevation width of 200 mm) and the aluminium window system FRAME+ (elevation width of 300 mm). The ventilation flap gives an extraordinary impression regarding a façade’s design, due to its characteristic narrow elevation width.


  • Storey height ventilation with a single thermally broken profile without the need for a frame or glazing beads
  • Inside and outside homogeneous, flat surface
  • Burglar resistant
  • Impact resistant fixed opening width of 120 mm (for FRAME+ 75 LF 200)
  • With outer frame profile also possible for integration into curtain wall
  • Available as system for self-fabrication or as pre-assembled units
Max. height 3000 mm
Opening angle     90°
Infill thickness from 24 mm
Resistance to wind load Class C5/B5
Air permea­bility Class 4
Water tightness up to E 900
Operating forces Class 1 and 2
Resistance against impact Class 5