Company news 2011

The new door system

As of now, RAICO is able to provide the perfect complement to its existing window and curtain wall systems thanks to the new FRAME+ door system. The door system’s innovative all-round concept meets the most exacting requirements in terms of quality and functionality while also being easy and efficient to handle. As a result, RAICO now acts as a full-range supplier for modern building shells – backed-up by the assurance of proven, high-performance RAICO quality.

FRAME+ 75 D With its innovative all-round concept, the new FRAME+ door system meets the most demanding requirements in terms of quality, functionality and ease of handling.

Efficient insulation, outstanding sealing properties and generous dimensions – that is the innovative all-round concept behind the new FRAME+ aluminum door system which RAICO is now offering as a complement to the existing window and curtain wall systems. With its two variants, FRAME+ 75 D and FRAME+ 75 D-I, the FRAME+ door system resembles all RAICO’s other products in its modu-lar, flexible design and meets all the requirements placed on high-quality entrance doors. Maximized energy efficiency is ensured by the door system’s modular thermic protection concept that permits progressive adaptation of insulation values up to a peak value of Uf = 1.3 W/(m²K) and Uf = 1.4 W/(m²K) in the sill area. The FRAME+ doors also boast particularly good sealing properties. This is due to the newly developed door sill concept which guarantees an outstanding seal even in driving rain. At the same time, the fact that the barrier-free door sill is thermally isolated and replaceable permits simple, rapid assembly. In addition, the FRAME+ door system is characterized by an innovative structural concept with an internal leaf overhang of 12 millimeters and high panel thicknesses. This guarantees outstanding stability which, in turn, makes it possible to install room-height doors of up to 3.0 meters in height. Thanks to the leaf overhang, the door leaf and overhead glazing are in the same plane and no shadow gap is visible from the interior.

Innovative overall concept

The FRAME+ door system is based on the proven concept of the FRAME+ system family. As a result, the visual appearance of the door profiles perfectly complements that of the window profiles and many of the items in the window range are compatible with the new door system. This guarantees considerable design freedom within the system family as well as simple, efficient handling which is extended even further by a range of standard commercially available fittings and special profile contours. All fittings, such as electric door openers, can be installed without difficulty in the large internal cavities in the profiles. Thanks to its sophisticated design, high-quality materials and ease of installation, the new FRAME+ door system meets the most demanding requirements in terms of quality, functionality and ease of handling. It is the ideal complement to RAICO’s existing range of windows and curtain walls and means that the company is now able to act as a full-range supplier for the entire building shell.