Company news 2012

Fire protection curtain wall steel THERM+ S-I BS meets the latest classification requirements for a pan-European CE-marking

The THERM+ steel curtain wall has been successfully tested at several European institutes in accordance with the latest requirements and criteria for use as a fire protection curtain wall. Hence, it is one of the first curtain walls available on the market to meet the classification requirements for the fire protection classes up to E 30, EW 30 and EI 30 for a pan-European CE-marking.

Based on the THERM+ basic system, the fire protection curtain wall can be implemented with a few slight additions (aluminium glass carrier, stainless steel pressure profile reinforcement and fire protection block) and thus with minimum expenditure of time and effort. At the same time the fire protection design of the steel curtain wall with maximum glass formats of 1,500 x 3,000 mm also offers the greatest possible freedom of design of the building envelope.  There are no recognisable optical differences between the standard curtain wall and the fire protection curtain wall.

For a corresponding classification as a fire protection curtain wall it is to be noted that, during processing, the curtain wall structure must comply both with the exact specifications from the classification report and with our technical specifications. A CE-marking of the fire resistance is possible for curtain wall in accordance with the DIN EN 13830 product standard.


Technical data

System width 50 / 56 mm Structural profiles from 60 mm
Fire resistance class E30 / EW30 / EI30
Max. glass formats 1,500 x 3,000 mm
General approval Classification report No.
C-11-003319-PR01 F14-01-de-01