Company news 2012

New design variants for the FRAME+ 75 DI aluminium door system

Individuality and design are of outstanding importance for perfect symbiosis with the building, especially in the design of entrance doors and front doors. The award-winning FRAME+ door system with its three different profile variants – Basic Style, Modern Style and Classic Style – thereby offers you numerous design options. From expressive lines to soft, flowing forms, almost all designs can be realised. Combined with an individual door filling, every building is given a highly thermally insulated, innovative and creative entrance with the FRAME+ door system.

The door system is based on the proven concept of the FRAME+ system family. Hence, the door profiles visually match the window profiles to the optimum; at the same time the articles from the window series are compatible with the new door system.

Basic Style
Modern Style
Rounded contours
Classic Style
Slanted contours