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Out now: The new OBJEKTIV!

We've just released the new issue of our architecture magazine OBJEKTIV —
Magazine for architects and fabricators

These are the current topics:

  • Interaction: 
    Header relay in front of the Red Bull Arena in Leipzig (Germany)
  • The shape of things to come: 
    The new THERM+ FS-I steel curtain wall system captures the light of the world
  • The light guardian:
    How a shopping centre captures the contours of a mountain range and fills up with light
  • A day's work in 16 eternal alpine ice:
    3,000 metres up, 20 degrees below: We follow a fitter working on Germany’s highest building site
  • Hardness testing:
    A specialist team rehearses its skills by testing curtain walls for wind, fire and ballistic impact
  • The wide view:
    Bio over the Big Apple: Projects to transform our future
  • A look over the shoulder: 
    What architects have lying around on their desks

We hope that you enjoy reading our new >>OBJEKTIV!

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