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Even more freedom thanks to the T-connectors SC and SCL

The standard SC connector for mullion and transom profiles has a variably adjustable fixing element designed to match internal tube-diameter tolerances. It can be transported easily, and is suitable for use with threaded tubes and standard press-on steel profiles, and also as a screw-on expansion transom and for subsequent transom installation. The SCL ladder connector can also be screwed in to provide contact pressure.

RAICO THERM+ FS-I Steel Connector SC

  • Connecting element of the mullion and transom profiles..
  • Variably adjustable fixingpart for the tolerance compensation of the tube interior dimensions.
  • Smart connector concept for the tolerance compensation in the façade grid.
  • Threaded tube and customary steel profile on contact pressure and as twist lock screwable → stable for transport.
  • Suitable for the subsequent installation of the transom.
  • It can be used in the facade and roof.

RAICO THERM+ FS-I Steel Connector Type SCL

Grafik T-Verbinder SCL

  • For threaded tubes and customary steel profiles.
  • On contact pressure screwable.
  • It can be used in the facade and roof.

You can find more information and technical data in the following brochures:

Cover THERM FS-I Broschuere      

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