Aluminium window system 65/75

System solutions for architecture and window production

With the award-winning aluminium window system FRAME+, RAICO meets architecture’s demands and climate protection’s requirements, setting benchmarks in the industry. In regard to heat protection, FRAME+ provides a convenient gradual adjustment of thermal insulation of a window sash, fixed glazing, and skylight, up to a heat transition coefficient of Uf = 1.0 W/(m²K). By reaching this value, the window system can even be used in passive-house construction.


Energy conservation using maximum thermal insulation

  • Innovative insulation bar technology made of our special material THERMORIT with improved thermal properties.
  • Adaptable Uf-value up to 0.77  W/(m²K) for economic applications as well as maximum energy conservation.

Design Freedom with multiple application possibilities

  • Six variations from a modular system base with a profile range which is compatible for all series.
  • Extensive design options due to a multitude of profiles and accessories.
  • Visible or concealed system hardware for various opening types.

High quality and reliable processing

  • All thermally broken profiles can be powder coated and anodised, leading to easier and more efficient materials management and production.
  • Simplified planning, logistics and fabrication due to a consistent modular composition with identical components, accessories, fittings and multifunctional tools.
  • Hardware options:
    – Concealed fittings
      Advantages: No visible parts, low maintenance.
      – Surface mounted reinforced hinges as standard
      Advantages: Greater sash weights with increased stability.

One system - multiple applications

The innovative FRAME+ system concept with its modular composition gives you a choice of the following series: 

  • FRAME+ 65 W – system depth 65 mm, Uf values down to 1.7 W/(m²K)
  • FRAME+ 75 WI – system depth 75 mm, Uf values down to 1.0 W/(m²K)

The system profiles consist of identical interior and exterior aluminium extrusions and can be adapted to the required depth and thermal insulation by selection of the THERMORIT insulation bars.

  • Maximal energy savings by variable adjustment of the insulation values up to Uf = 1.0 W/(m²K).
  • Stepless thermal insulation.
  • Innovative system components, such as the material used for THERMORIT bars, featuring distinctly reduced heat transmission values.
  • Co-extruding center gaskets.
  • Consistent thermal optimization of the modular system.
  • Integration of efficient insulation areas.
  • Fittings suitable for sashes weighing up to 300 kg.
  • Any opening varieties are possible.