Ventilation flap


Completing the FRAME+ and WING product series, two ventilation flaps by RAICO are available for the curtain wall system THERM+ (elevation width of 200 mm) and the aluminium window system FRAME+ (elevation width of 300 mm). The ventilation flap FRAME+ 75 LF gives an extraordinary impression regarding a façade’s design, due to its characteristic narrow elevation width.

Ventilation flap
Ventilation flap


Possible with integration of insect protection or perforated sheet metal plate. Easy installation as an integration element into conventional window or curtain wall constructions.

  • Integrable inconspicuous insect protection with a 80% open area ventilation.
  • The motor drive is perfectly integrated under the continuous center gasket, invisible in the fixed frame.
  • By the fixed opening width of 120 mm without further action in the open condition, the flap is burglary and impact-proof.

Ventilation flap
  • Face width of 200 mm
    (FRAME+ 75 LF) or 300 mm
    (FRAME+ 75 WI).
Storey height ventilation with a single thermally broken profile without the need for a frame or glazing beads.
Inside and outside homogeneous, flat surface.
Burglar and impact resistant fixed opening width of 120 mm
    (for FRAME+ 75 LF).
  • U values down to
    Uf = 0.86 W/(m2K).
  • Available for self-fabrication or as pre-assembled units.