Aluminium window system 90

Top Energy Saving according to the latest standards

The climatic change and the energy transition represent comprehensive challenges, in particular to energetic building and renovation. The key to energy efficiency is the building envelope – around 30 % of the primary energy is consumed here and more than half of that is for the room warmth alone. Our passive house certified window system implements the highest energy savings potential – Top Energy Saving.


Excellent product properties

  • Innovative insulating bar material THERMORIT with very low thermal conductivity and suitable for composite coating and anodising.
  • Single-piece, co-extruded medial gasket with an insulating proportion of foam.
  • Composite insulation of the profile cavities by means of highly effective insulation insertions.
  • Insulation of the glazing rebate for triple glazing by means of a glazing rebate insulating block with large ventilation spaces.
  • Integration outer frames as the perfect supplement for the THERM+ passive house certified facade system.

Optimum planning

  • Fitting variants:
    - surface-mounted tilt and turn up to 130 kg / 200 kg
    - surface-mounted turn up to 300 kg
    - concealed tilt and turn up to 150 kg
  • Concealed motors with an extremely slim face can also be integrated in narrow outer frames such as e.g. integration outer frames.
  • Innovative, mounting material almost free from thermal bridges for insertion elements in the facade.
  • Strong glass support and thermally insulated base profile for the load transfer of heavy triple glazing elements.

Efficient installation

  • Modular system units.
  • Corner connections up to and including 100 mm outer frame interior face width with new, innovative adhesive injection procedure.
  • Efficient processing of the glazing rebate insulating block by means of prefabricated corners.
  • Integration outer frames with easy adaptation of the clamping thickness using compensation gaskets and compensation profiles.
  • Simple enlargement profile for integration elements in case of a width offset between the add-on construction and the structural profile.
  • Tools can be used for all FRAME+ window series.

  • Maximum energy saving due to variable adaptation of the insulation values up to Uf = 0.70 W/(m²K). 
  • Innovative system components such as the web material THERMORIT with substantially reduced thermal conductivity.
  • Slim face widths from 100 or 82 mm.
  • Co-extruded medial gasket.
  • Consistent thermal optimisation.
  • Integration of efficient insulation zones.
  • Fittings system up to a sash weight of 300 kg.
  • Concealed fittings up to a sash weight of 150 kg.