The barrier-free sill

The sill belongs to the most sensitive parts of french doors. Especially in the threshold area thermal insulation and air tightness is a real challenge. With the new barrier-free sill of the aluminium window series FRAME+ 90 WI, we are offering a product that meets all requirements on modern and safe construction ergonomics.

FRAME+ 90 WI barrier-free sill

Technology in detail

  • System depth 90 mm, infill thickness 22 to 68 mm.
  • Single-winged inward opening
  • Guaranteed freedom of barriers.
Increased security with optional horizontal additional locking.

  • Attractive appearance with standard fitting surface-mounted concealed.
Large sash dimensions of 
1,100 x 2,500 mm or 
1,450 x 2,200 mm.

  • Doorsill base structure with standard enlargements from the FRAME+ series.
  • Tested values:
– Air permeability for single-winged = class 4
– Resistance against wind load for single winged = class C4 

    – Water tightness = class E750
– Operating forces = 1
  • Available as system for self-fabrication or as pre-assembled units.

  • The thermally separated aluminium sill is possible for barrier-free sill acc. to DIN 18040 with a maximum height of 20 mm.
For special requirements designed fittings with the possibility of an unique additional horizontal locking.
An attractive appearance is on the one hand guaranteed by small face widths and on the other hand by using a surface-mounted or concealed standard fitting.
The barrier-free sill is available as window for punched openings or, with outer frame extension, for integration into curtain wall. Opening options: Turn- and Turn-tilt single-winged.