Aluminium door system

Solutions for building, curtain wall, apartment and house construction

The FRAME+ door system is based on the well-proven concept of the FRAME+ product series. The door profiles are designed to match the window profiles ideally. Also many products from the window range are compatible with the new door system. Being used as an insert element, the new door series can be inte­grated perfectly in the proved and tested passive-house certified curtain wall system THERM+.

Manifold design varieties and individual look

Modern doors have to meet manifold and complex requirements. On the one hand, today’s architecture demands nearly unlimited creative possibilities to give building projects a distinct individuality, on the other hand technical requirements become even more demanding. At the same time, doors must be easy to process and maintain. Against this background, RAICO Bautechnik have developed a new and highly innovative door range for buildings and curtain walls as well as for apartment and house construction based on the FRAME+ product series.


  • High degree of tightness due to innovative sealing concept.
  • Improved insulation of up to Uf = 1,4 W/(m²K).
  • Large dimensions, up to 3.0 m height.

FRAME+ 75 DI Opening towards the inside
FRAME+ 75 DI Opening towards the outside


FRAME+ 75 DI fulfills all requirements for a high-quality entrance door. Special profile contours enable simple installation. The series is charac­terised by short production times and efficient manufacturing. Smooth rebate geometries enable the fast installation of all fitting variants in the rebate clearance. Large interior chambers in the profile for the acceptance of all fittings, such as electrical door openers.

  • Single-winged, opening towards the inside / outside.
  • Two-winged, opening towards the inside / outside.
  • Doors overlapping wing one-sided opening towards the inside / outside.
  • Doors overlapping wing both-sided opening towards the inside.
  • Combination with lateral element / skylight.
  • Panic DIN EN 179 / 1125 opening towards the outside.

Technical data

System depth 75 mm
Min. width active leaf 540 mm 1,7
Min. width inactive leaf 370 mm 2
Min. height active/inactive leaf 720 mm 3 /
2040 mm 4
Max. width active/inactive leaf 1400 mm 5
Max. height active/inactive leaf 2950 mm 6
Max. sash weight 120 / 160 / 180 /
200 / 250 kg 7
Infill thickness sash 22 to 68 mm
Infill thickness frame 10 to 56 mm
Thickness concealed sash fillings 31 to 77 mm
Thermal insulation Uf = 1.3 W/(m²K)
(width 147 mm)

1 for clear passage width ≥ 800 mm, for 90° opening min. width = 940 mm
2 for EN 179 / EN 1125 as well as standard with mechanical closing sequence
   control min. width = 650 mm
3 for clear passage width ≥ 1800 mm for bolt- slam-lock min. height = 1821 mm
4 for multi-point locking system with handle height 1050 mm
5 for EN 179 / EN 1125 max. 1320 mm
6 for EN 179 / EN 1125 max. 2520 mm
7 dependent on hinge equipment, see tables of selection and sizes

  • Featuring UD values of up to 0.69 W/(m²K) for unlimited use in passive-houses.
  • Building, curtain wall, apartment and house construction.
  • Manifold design varieties within the system series.
  • Standard fittings.
  • Easy processing and innovative conception.
  • Study composite profiles ensuring long-lasting functionality.
  • Tested tightness against heavy rainfall according to DIN EN 12208:
    – door inward opening until class 6A (250 Pa)
    – door outward opening until class 9A (600 Pa).