Roof Window 100/120 RI

New FRAME+ 100/120 RI rooflight system with passive house certification

In keeping with the FRAME+ family, the latest member - the FRAME+ 100/120 RI rooflight system - impresses with its elegant, slender looks coupled with state-of-the-art details that make processing easy. It therefore meets the demanding requirements both for the architecture and for the processing. In addition to the classic glazing variants, the FRAME+ 100/120 RI is also optionally available in a single-sided or all-round all-glass look. The variants with stepped edge glazing enable the optimum water drainage and an excellent self-cleaning effect.
With the new design variants with interior genuine wood cladding, the new rooflight also makes for an extraordinary design highlight. Thanks to two different installation depths of 100 or 120 mm and the innovative THERMORIT bar material, largest infill thicknesses can be realised and highest demands on thermal insulation and energy efficiency are met. The climatic change and the energy transition represent comprehensive challenges, in particular to energetic building and renovation. The key to energy efficiency is the building envelope – around 30 % of the primary energy is consumed here and more than half of that is for the room warmth alone. Our passive house certified window system implements the highest energy savings potential – Top Energy Saving.

FRAME+ 100 / 120 RI

Wide range of flexibility thanks to two different installation depths (height of the profile 100 or 120 mm). Highest demands on thermal insulation are met due to the utilisation of the innovative THERMORIT bar material. Outstanding U values of up to Uf = 1.7 W/(m2K) – (depending on realization). By using solid aluminium profiles, standard sizes up to 4 m² are possible (oversizes on request).



Optionally available either in unilateral design or with circumferential full glass finish, the variant with stepped edge glass ensures optimal water drainage and a high self-cleaning effect as well as a unique transparency for transom options without pressure profiles.



The new design variant with a real wood cladding on the inside forms a perfect complement for the timber curtain wall system THERM+ H-I / H-V.

  • Outstanding insulating properties through the use of the innovative THERMORIT bar material with U-values as low as Uf = 1.4 W/(m2K) (depending on the version).
  • High flexibility thanks to two different installation depths (sash profile height 100 or 120 mm).
  • Two different glazing variants through choice of cover profile screw connection (visible or concealed).
  • Innovative design variant with interior genuine wood cladding make the perfect addition to the THERM+ timber façade system.
  • Optionally manufacturable in an all-glass look with stepped edge glazing on one side or all-round with identical outer frame and sash frame. This guarantees an excellent self-cleaning effect as well as unique transparency and lightness with transom variants without pressure profiles.
  • Tested to a roof inclination of 2°, the system is the perfect addition to the THERM+ roof systems.
  • Tight sealing thanks to three circumferential sealing levels with medial seal frame.
  • Concealed turning hinges with a high load capacity.
  • High security against burglary up to class RC2.
  • Maximum aerodynamic cross-section thanks to opening angle up to 90°, tested for efficient ventilation and smoke evacuation according to DIN EN 12101-2.
  • Standard sizes up to 3,500 mm x 1,500 mm or up to 5.25 m² can be manufactured thanks to stable aluminium composite profiles.
  • Sash weights up to 225 kg can be manufactured (tilting, top-hung, turning).
  • Different opening types thanks to the possibility to mount fittings on all four sides, manual or motor-driven with a large choice of linear or chain drives.
  • Variable adaptation of the infill thickness from 28 to 80 mm with identical system components.
  • Special system geometries and a multiple sealing and drainage system offer reliable tight sealing.
  • All corner brackets and composite profiles can be punched and nailed as well as glued using the injection method.
  • Efficient processing of fittings thanks to clampable, pre-assembled hinges with subsequent possibility to adjust.
  • Series-spanning system components and tools.