Aluminium curtain wall


The THERM+ aluminium curtain wall stick systems combine a maximum
application range with straight forward planning and manufacture, providing
high processing reliability due to the consistent modular technology.


is ideal for very slim and economic curtain wall solutions, featuring reduced
gasket dimensions on the interior and an optimised cost-benefit ratio for common curtain wall applications.



offers an exceptional freedom for the design of curtain wall, conservatories and sloped glass roofs with an inclination down to 2°, even with demanding structural or construction requirements.


Pressure and cover profiles for curtain wall and roof applications

Pressure and cover profiles for curtain wall and roof applications

In Detail

  • A large selection of cover cap profiles for both system widths.
  • Bespoke profiles available on a short lead time for specific projects.
  • Aesthetically pleasing flat pressure profile with only 4 mm glass offset.
  • Optimal sealing of the crosspiont via special accessories.
  • Find more types in the catalogue:
    THERM+ curtain wall system.

Technical data

System width 50 / 56 mm 50 / 56 mm 50 / 56 mm
Rectangular profile depth 25 to 200 mm 25 to 200 mm 25 to 200 mm
Expansion profile depth 100 to 200 mm 75 to 200 mm
T-profile depth 50 to 175 mm 50 to 200 mm
Profiles in T-shape 50 mm 50 mm
Infill thickness 10 to 64 mm 10 to 64 mm 4 to 64 mm
Glass weight up to 550 kg up to 600 kg up to 600 kg
Drainage levels 2 or 3 2 or 3 2 or 3
Polygonal assembly up to 45° up to 45° up to 45°
Glass roofs up to 2° inclination
Conservatories yes

Approvals / certifications / CE-labelling
based on product standard for curtain walling EN 13830

Thermal insulation
incl. screw influence
up to Um,t = 0.80 W/(m²K) up to Um,t = 0.97 W/(m²K)
Wind resistance 1.875 / 2.813 kN/m² 1.875 / 2.813 kN/m²
Resistance against impact interior I5, exterior E5 interior I5, exterior E5
Air permeability AE (>600) AE (>600)
Water tightness RE 1,650 RE 1,650
Airborne sound insulation Rw (C;Ctr) = 41 (-3; -7) db
Rw (C;Ctr) = 49 (-2; -4) db
Fall protection (TRAV) yes, without additional measures
German general approval curtain wall system
curtain wall system
German general approval T-connector Z-14.4-461 T-connector Z-14.4-461

T-connector - a technical advantage

  • Identical for THERM+ A-V / A-I in all system widths.
  • Easy butt joint with straight profile cuts, no notching required.
  • Various options for structural requirements and assembly methods.
  • THERM+ A-V is also available with a reinforcement option for high structural requirements.
  • Extremely rigid connections due to the spreader-clamp mechanism when screw fixed.
  • T-connectors for vertical loads up to 600 kg. (Verified under German Type Approval).
  • Aesthetically pleasing joints due to the optimum contact between mullion and transom across the entire profile.
  • The T-connector profiles can be used for structural reinforcement, head and sill fixings as well as expansion joint spigots.

T-connector – a technical advantage
  • Efficient heat insulation up to passive-house certification with
    Um,t = W/(m²K)
    (considering screw influence).
  • Stepless thermal insulation by means of patented RAICO Insulation Block Technology.
  • A large selection of rectangular and T-shaped mullion profiles is available.
  • Profiles are all suited for mullion and transom usage.
  • Excellent aesthetics to flush faced transoms through sharp-edged horizontal cuts.
  • Maximum inertia values by means of optimized profile design.
  • Numerous options for the T-joint connections assembly.
  • Wide range of system accessories available.
  • Integrated drainage system within continuous three levels gaskets.