Burglar Resistance

THERM+ Burglar resistance

All THERM+ curtain wall series may be made burglar-resistant ­according to German resistance categories WK2 and WK3 just by adding a few supplementary system components. Providing maximal creative possibilities, all system widths and all types of press plates with clip-on cover or with visible screw connection, as well as flat press plates (in WK2), may be used.


Technology in detail

The assembly of the burglar-resistant curtain walls and glass roofs is done identically to the basic system. In version WK2, an increased burglar resistance is achieved with the help of an additional block setting with glass plating and drive-in balls inside the screw head. In addition to the safety measures used in WK2, resistance category WK3 features an enforced screw connection in the screwing channel as well as stronger press plates. Burglar-resistant curtain walls do not look different from standard curtain walls.

The burglar resistance curtain wall can be equipped with following ­opening insertion windows in class WK2:

  • Aluminium window system FRAME+
  • Top-hung projecting window WING 50 SK
  • Top-hung / side-hung / bottom-hung projecting window WING 50 A

  • Extension of the standard systems only by the use of additional shimming with glass carriers and balls in the screw heads.
  • For WK3 a supplementary pressure profile reinforcement and reinforced screwing in the screw channel.
  • No visual difference ­between the variations.
  • Execution identical to the standard system, thus production and assembly as rational as with standard systems.
  • Wide selection of pressure and cover profiles.
  • System width and infill thickness like with standard systems.
  • The execution of glass roofs in class WK2 and WK3 is possible.