Glass roof constructions

THERM+ aluminium, steel and timber

The curtain wall systems THERM+ A-I, S-I, FS-I and H-I for aluminium, steel
and timber structures provide ideal characteristics for the erection of glass roofs.
The tried and tested RAICO glazing and sealing technology assures a safe and easily executable solution for any construction and roof shape with an inclination
of down to 2°.


Wide range of possible versions

The THERM+ glazing system offers a surprisingly wide range of possible versions. Using one multi-variable basis system, identical constructions for mullion-transom curtain walls and glass roofs are possible. Possible varieties are either an aluminium system offering multiple types of support profiles, a set-on-top steel construction for any support profiles made of steel, or a wooden set-on-top construction for derived timber products. In regard to the curtain wall system the heat insulation in the construction of glass windows can be gradually adapted to any individual requirements without changing the basis system.

Test with an inclination of 2°

Wind resistance 2,000 Pa / 3,000 Pa 2,000 Pa / 3,000 Pa 2,000 Pa / 3,000 Pa 2,000 Pa / 3,000 Pa
Air permeability AE (>600) AE (>600) AE (>600) AE (>600)
Water tightness RE 1,050 RE 1,050 RE 1,050 RE 1,050

  • Tested with an inclination of only 2°, with outstanding results and classifications. (Accessories such as sun protection devices and building connection components were included in the testing.)
  • The system structure is identical to the THERM+ standard systems.
  • The execution is feasible with special bevelled pressure profiles, flat pressure profiles, silicone joint or any combination of these.
  • Openings at the end of the pressure profiles drain screens and avoid stagnant water.
  • For ventilation or smoke and heat control the in­ser­­tion window WING 105 DI, also tested with an inclination of 2°, presents a technically viable and optically perfect solution.