Steel curtain wall


You can save work: Thanks to the steel façade system
THERM+ FS-I you can connect the pressure profile of the glass façade
directly with the steel substructure – without welding.
The integrated screw channel in the profile tube makes it possible.

for all curtain walls and glass roofs with an inclination of up to 2°.
Steel profiles from 50 mm and 60 width.

THERM+ FS-I 50 mm
THERM+ FS-I 60 mm

THERM+ FS-I Guidance of gasket with one-part synthetic profile

  • No slipping of the gaskets.
  • Secure fixing of the pressure profile screw in the steel substructure.
  • Slim steel glazing coupled with a reduction of costly on-site welding.
  • Long term quality due to our established technology.

Plastic base profile

THERM+ FS-I interior gaskets
Type "S"
for assembly with lateral guidance and fixation by a synthetic base profile.
Type "L"
with lateral lips for visual optimization using big radiuses of structural profiles.
Lateral guidance like type "S".

THERM+ FS-I gasket options

THERM+ FS-I options of T connector
Steel connector SC and steel connector SCL

T-connector SC
T-connector SCL


  • Connecting element of the mullion and transom profiles.
  • Variably adjustable fixingpart for the tolerance compensation of the tube interior dimensions.
  • Smart connector concept for the tolerance compensation in the façade grid.
  • Threaded tube and customary steel profile on contact pressure and as twist lock screwable → stable for transport.
  • Suitable for the subsequent installation of the transom.
  • For threaded tubes and customary steel profiles.
  • On contact pressure screwable.

Technical Data

System width 50 / 56 mm
For steel profiles from 50 mm width
Infill thickness 4 to 64 mm
Glass weight up to 1,000 kg
Drainage levels 2 or 3
Polygonal assembly up to 45°
Glass roofs up to 2° inclination
Conservatories yes

Approvals / certifications / CE-labelling
based on product standard for curtain walling EN 13830

Thermal insulation
incl. screw influence
up to Um,t = 0.75 W/(m²K)
Wind resistance positive/negative 2.5 / 3.75 kN/m²
Air permeability AE (>600)
Water tightness RE 1,950
Airborne sound insulation Rw (C;Ctr) = 34 (-1; -4) db
Rw (C;Ctr) = 47 (-1; -3) db
Fall protection (TRAV) yes, without additional measures
European technical approval clamping joint and glass load transmission for the curtain wall system

  • The new steel curtain wall system with an exterior view of 50 and 56 mm (interior view 50 resp. 60 mm).
  • Passive-house certification in all system widths.
  • Maximum thermal insulation
    with Um,t = 0.75 W/(m²K)
    (considering screw influence).
  • Sharp edged profiles due to small radii.
  • Galvanised finish available ex-works.
  • Direct screwing of the pressure bar with the steel substructure.
  • No welding necessary.
  • Integrated screw channel in the steel tube, thereby reducing of planning, production and assembly costs.
  • T-connector for heavy loads.
  • Different T-connectors for single-bar assembly or ladder construction available.
  • Glass roofs down to 2° from horizontal.
  • Threaded tube in many different dimensions and wall thicknesses for various static requirements available.
  • Seal guide through one-piece plastic profile.
  • Screw holes separated from water-bearing level through hat seals.
  • Implementation options such as RC2 / RC3.
  • Extensive accessories from the THERM+ such as sun protection fixation.