Timber curtain wall


The THERM+ timber curtain walls provide a thousandfold approved glazing technology for application on structural frames made of any timber based material from 50 mm width. For a sustainable and lasting function the consistent system design assures a strict ­separation between the structural and design levels
made of timber and the functional components made of aluminium profiles gaskets.

is ideal for slim-line, economical curtain walls,
with reduced interior gasket dimensions.


for curtain walls and sloped glass roofs with an inclination down to 2°,
thus also ideal for any type of timber-aluminium conservatory.


THERM+ H-I Coupling mullion
An ideal aid for efficient assembly. Pre-fabricated frames can be finished
in the workshop with split coupling mullions, base profiles, interior gaskets and
glass supports. On site these frames are simply coupled, glazed and finished
with pressure profiles.

Coupling mullion

THERM+ H-I Timber cover profiles
can be produced in a sustainable and dependable way with THERM+.
The glazing technology is based on aluminium and EPDM components.
The decorative timber profile is retained by a concealed profile.

Coupling mullion

Technical data

System width 50 / 56 / 76 / 96 mm 50 / 56 / 76 / 96 mm
For timber profiles from 50 mm width 50 mm width
Infill thickness 10 to 64 mm 4 to 64 mm
Glass weight 550/600 kg 550/600 kg
Drainage levels 2 or 3 2 or 3
Polygonal assembly up to 45° up to 45°
Glass roof up to 2° inclination
Conservatories yes

Approvals / certifications / CE-labelling
based on product standard for curtain walling EN 13830

Thermal insulation
(incl. screw influence)
up to Um,t = 0.80 W/(m²K) up to Um,t = 0.81 W/(m²K)
Wind resistance 2.5 / 3.75 kN/m² 2.5 / 3.75 kN/m²
Resistance against impact interior I5, exterior E5 interior I5, exterior E5
Air permeability AE (>600) AE (>600)
Water tightness RE 2,100 RE 2,100
Airborne sound insulation - Rw (C;Ctr) = 41 (-3; -7) db
Rw (C;Ctr) = 51 (-2; -4) db
Fall protection (TRAV) yes, without additional measures
German general approval curtain wall system 
curtain wall system
European Technical Approval T-connector Z-9.1-621 T-connector Z-9.1-621

The RAICO timber connector TC - technology in detail

The connectors between mullion and transoms on timber curtain walling must fulfil additional specific requirements. The dead load of the infill units is positioned in front of
the timber structure, and the connectors must compensate for this torsional effect in addition to wind pressure and suction forces:

  • Two patented RAICO connector options:
    SOLO and KOMBI for glass weights up to 481 kg.
  • For THERM+ H-V / H-I.
  • For transom depth from 60 up to 300 mm.
  • Minimum preparation: rebated grooves at each end of the transom and drilled holes to both the mullion and transom.
  • Simplified assembly: fix mullions, insert transom, secure transom with nail screws, finished.
  • Automatic flush position of the transom due to the integrated stop device.
  • Option to prefabricate into transportable units.
  • Aesthetically correct joints due to T connector pressure across the profiles.

  • Efficient heat insulation up to passive-house certification
    with Um,t = W/(m²K)
    (considering screw influence).
  • Stepless thermal insulation by means of patented RAICO Insulation Block Technology.
  • Two types of aluminium basic profiles to be screwed on: with or without guiding presser foot.
  • Screw connection officially approved by building control authorities, for derived timber products with widths from 50 mm.
  • Complete loads chain and glass load transfer approved by building control authorities.
  • Quick and easy screwing of the basic profiles, suitable also for assembly with magazine-fed electric screwdrivers.
  • No external components penetrate through to the timber frame.
  • Integrated drainage system in continuous three levels gasket.