Top-hung/Side-hung/Bottom-hung windows


Thanks to its extremely narrow elevation widths and its patented hidden fitting, the WING 50 A window perfectly meets any requirements of modern architecture and implementable as a natural smoke and heat exhaust ventilator.

Statically adhesion

  • Option 1: WING 50 A-S with stepped edge glazing.
  • Option 2: WING 50 SK-R with standard sealed units and low profile sash frame without glazing beads.

Technical Data

WING 50 A 
Max. width 2,700 mm
Max. height 2,500 mm
Max. sash weight 150 kg (60 kg side-hung)
Opening types 60°
Infill thickness 24 to 46 mm

Approvals / CE-labelling
based on product standard for window EN 14351-1

WING 50 A 
Wind resistance Class C4
Air permeability Class 4
Water tigthness E 1.800
Airborne sound insulation Rw ( C; Ctr ) = 43 ( -1; 5 ) dB
Burglar resistance WK2
Continuous-operational testing Class 2

  • Outward opening window in its most attractive design with stepped edge glazing.
  • Economic alternative with standard glass and slim profile design.
  • Maximum airflow effect due to an opening angle of 60°.
  • Ideal for very large sash formats.
  • Concealed hinges, mountable on any side.
  • Very slim design: Inside 52 mm, outside 50 mm.
  • Advantages in production and logistics due to SG bonding of WING 50 A-S with split sash frame.
  • Various motor drives.
  • Available as system for self-fabrication or as pre-assembled units.
  • Available for natural ventilation as well as a smoke and heat exhaust ventilator in large sash sizes up to 5.2 m².