A pioneering spirit

Only those who look at things closely, uncover weaknesses and recognise potential are able to solve problems. At RAICO, we not only look very closely, but also far ahead. We want to improve products and their benefits – for people, for the environment, and for all who want to join us in taking the lead. Only then can visions give rise to innovations that bring lasting success.

This has always been our approach. Back in the day, our first serial product, “CLIMA”, already created an excellent indoor climate in our customers’ conservatories. Today, the solutions we’re continually developing are applied in our THERM+, FRAME+ and SLIFT systems. Likewise, the technology and energy design of our company headquarters was ahead of its time when it was created back in 1999. The passive house concept realised there still sets the standard today. The added values of tomorrow are being designed by our internal RAICO Project Group 4.0. Whether for digitalisation, the environment or sustainability – together, we’ll stay ahead of the future in the future as well.

“We believe in the power of good ideas.”

We believe in the power of good ideas.
We believe in the power of good ideas.