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Breath of Fresh Air in Ventilation: RAICO Ventilation Flap FRAME+ 75 LF

Ventilation flap FRAME+ 75 LF

Optimal ventilation is essential for a healthy indoor climate, and this is more than ever true since the pandemic began. The newly developed RAICO ventilation flap FRAME+ 75 LF automates the fresh air supply with a technically and aesthetically convincing solution.

Convenient to operate, efficient and hardly perceptible in everyday life – RAICO Bautechnik GmbH focuses on these essential customer requirements and demands with its new ventilation flap. In cooperation with D+H Mechatronic AG, the specialist for sophisticated building envelopes, an intelligent type of natural interior ventilation was developed with FRAME+ 75 LF that combines innovative technology with architectural elegance.

The invisible heart of the new RAICO ventilation flap is a single motor unit that handles both opening and locking. This completely integrated solution convinces with its simple elegance: neither the usual chain drive nor visible belts or an external operating element interfere with the linear design. The innovative ventilation flap fits seamlessly into the established RAICO window and façade systems FRAME+ and THERM+. Since closing and opening is almost silent, only the pleasant supply of natural fresh air is noticeable during the ventilation process.

Ventilation flap FRAME<sup>+</sup> 75 LF
Ventilation flap FRAME+ 75 LF

The drive unit with intelligent microprocessor control learns on its own and can be used immediately. Smart Design for Smart Buildings: For even greater user convenience, FRAME+ 75 LF can be integrated into a building automation system via an optional Modbus interface. The convenient D+H app enables automatic control of the ventilation flap, by time interval on the one hand, and by a CO2 traffic light on the other that regulates ventilation as required. Hazardous aerosols are thus reliably discharged and the indoor air quality is optimised – ideal conditions for concentrated and productive work in classrooms and offices, for example.

With a defined opening width of 109 mm, the ventilation flap can be used room-high thanks to its fall protection. The electronic slip clutch provides protection against burglary or vandalism and is predestined to save energy thanks to automatic night cooling. With just one additional optical sensor, even the protection class 4 for power-operated windows is achieved: ideal for schools, kindergartens and public buildings. The decoupling of the inner and outer shell of the flap is also well thought out, thus ensuring a distortion-inhibiting design in heat and cold conditions. Additional heat or noise insulation can also be added at a later date.

Ventilation flap FRAME<sup>+</sup> 75 LF
Ventilation flap FRAME+ 75 LF

Our FRAME+ 75 LF ventilation flap is now available. For more information, download our brochure or contact your RAICO representative.


Click here for our product video of the ventilation flap (in german only):


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Brochure FRAME<sup>+</sup> 75 LF
Brochure FRAME+ 75 LF