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FRAME+ profiles have been designed to accommodate open market standard fittings. Smooth rebate construction enables fast and easy installation of a wide range of products (i. e. concealed door locks). Using a standard milling template for all lock types provides optimised fabrication as well as offering simple replacement or change of use options. A large range of accessories caters for individual customer requirements.

Standard lock for inward or outward opening doors

  • Standardised profile processing for locks and strike plates
  • Latch lock / dead locks
  • Multi-point locking system with shoot or hook bolts
  • Automatic locking with or without electrical release mechanism

Emergency exit / panic lock in accordance with EN 179 / 1125

  • Emergency exit and panic doors
  • Tested in accordance with EN 179 / 1125 for ability to release
  • Latch lock / dead locks with shift function E
  • Latch lock / dead locks with changeover function B
  • Single and multi point locking
  • Integral electrical release and monitor options
  • Automatic locking to the slave leaf of a pair of doors with full or partial escape mechanism