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THERM+ A-V – Aluminium façade

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The THERM+ aluminium curtain wall stick system combines maximum application of the range with straight forward planning and manufacture, providing high processing reliability due to the consistent modular technology.


  • Stepless thermal insulation by means of RAICO Insulating Block Technology
  • Profiles are all suited for mullion and transom
  • Excellent aesthetics to the flush faced transoms by sharp edge cross sections
  • Integrated drainage system in the continuous hat sealing in three levels
  • Reinforced version for static requirements
System width 50 / 56 mm
Rectangular profile depth 25 to 200 mm
Expansion profile depth 100 to 200 mm
T-profile depth 50 to 175 mm
T-profile width 50 mm
Infill thickness 10 to 64 mm
Glass weight up to 600 kg
Drainage levels 2 or 3
Polygonal assembly up to 45°
Application Glass roofs
Application Conservatories
Approvals / certifications / CE-labelling
based on product standard for curtain walling EN 13830
Thermal insulation 
incl. screw influence
down to Um,t = 0.89 W/(m2K)
Wind resistance 1.875 / 2.813 kN/m2
Resistance against impact Interior I5, Exterior E5
Air permeability AE (>600)
Water tightness RE 1,650
Airborne sound insulation Rw (C; Ctr) = 36 (-1; -4) dB
Rw (C; Ctr) = 40 (-1; -5) dB
Rw (C; Ctr) = 45 (-2; -6) dB
Fall protection (TRAV) yes, without additional measures
German general approval curtain wall system Z-14.4-504
T-connnector Z-14.4-461
European Technical Approval
Fire resistance EI30
Burglar resistance RC2 / RC3

Innovation down to the smallest detail

A distinctive feature of the THERM+ aluminium curtain wall system is the innovative T-connection technology. Every single detail in its development has been analysed to provide an abundance of advantages:


Passive house

The standard THERM+ system can easily be upgraded to passive house certified standard with minimal additional components. Passive house projects can therefore be fitted with energy saving glazing in a generous, cost effective way, independent of their supporting projects.


Structural Glazing

The THERM+ Structural Glazing SG2 curtain wall systems feature the most intricate glazing technique. A narrow silicone joint is the only visible line between the insulation glass panes. Retention of the internal pane is enabled easily, quickly and securely with the use of SG glazing toggles. By utilising the SG insulating block, curtain walls achieve outstanding thermal insulation values.


Fire protection

Minor additions to the standard THERM+ system are all that is needed to construct fire resistant curtain wall in a range of protection classes. The maximum size of 1,920 mm x 3,000 mm glazing panels provides a new dimension in fire protection.


Burglar resistance

All THERM+ curtain wall variants may be made burglar resistant in accordance with the German resistance categories RC2 and RC3 by adding a few supplementary system components. Providing maximum creative possibilities, all system widths and all types of pressure plates with clip on cover caps, visible screw fixings, as well as flat pressure profile plates (in RC2) may be used.


Solar protection fastening

  • For all series I and V of the THERM+ systems
  • All system widths
  • Subsequent installation, including existing curtain walls and roofs, possible at any time
  • For 20 to 64 mm infill thicknesses
  • Only use in "pairs"



Scaffolding fixation

  • All system widths
  • For clipped cover profiles, visibly screwed pressure profiles and flat pressure profiles
  • Remain hidden in the facade construction
  • Subsequent and secure mounting of scaffolding always possible without any expenditure

Fixture unit

  • For all THERM+ systems in all face widths
  • Fastening of very heavy loads (e.g. rendered balcony or large canopy)
  • High loadbearing capacity and reliable structural solution
  • Vertical loads up to 12 kN per fixture unit
  • Pressure profiles with clip on cover profiles or visibly screwed
  • Aluminium fixture unit for individual handling, colour and surface coating

Canopy fastening

  • For all THERM+ systems in all face widths
  • Attachment of very heavy loads (e.g. canopies, billboards, solar protection)
  • For pressure profiles with clip-on cover profiles
  • For glass infill thicknesses over 20 mm
  • Secure and durable sealing using EPDM-sealing sleeves
  • High quality, stainless steel mounting bolts

Fastening brackets

  • For all THERM+ systems of the series I and V
  • Widths of supporting profile of up to 60 mm
  • Available as finished brackets or as unfinished goods to be cut individually
  • Variations for base points, floating points and mullion joints available

Suction disc

  • For all series I and V of the THERM+ systems
  • System widths 50 and 56 mm
  • Use in connection with SG joint
  • Available in 50 x 90 mm, 56 x 90 mm and Ø 75 mm (roof) dimensions
  • For infill thickness 20 to 64 mm