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THERM+ H-I – Timber glass roof

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The creation of bright, light-flooded rooms with all-spanning glass roofs is one of the central challenges of modern architecture. In order to be able to realise the most diverse designs into reality, the mullion-transom systems THERM+ A-I, S-I, FS-I and H-I are available for architects and planners.


  • The system structure is identical to the THERM+ standard systems
  • The low pitch construction is made feasible with bevelled pressure profiles, flat pressure profiles, silicone joints or any combination of these
  • Outlets at the end of the pressure profiles provide efficient drainage and avoid stagnant water
  • Natural and smoke ventilation can be achieved by inserting our aesthetically pleasing WING 105 DI and FRAME+ 100/120 RI opening roof-lights which have also been tested down to 2° from horizontal
System width 50 / 56 / 76 / 96 mm
For timber profiles from 50 mm width
Infill thickness 4 to 64 mm
Glass weight up to 600 kg
Drainage levels 2 or 3
Polygonal assembly up to 45°
Application Glass roofs up to 2° inclination
Application Conservatories Yes
Tested with an inclination of 2°
Product standard for curtain walling EN 13830
Wind resistance
(EN 13116)
Wind pressure up to 2.6 kN/m2
Wind suction up to 2.7 kN/m2
Air permeability
(EN 12152)
Class AE (2,100)
Water penetration
(EN 12154)
up to class RE 2,5501

1 Test deviating from EN 12155 with a water quantity of 3.4 l/(mmin). The standard specifies a water quantity of 2 l/(mmin).

Passive house

The standard THERM+ system can easily be upgraded to passive house certified standard with minimal additional components. Passive house projects can therefore be fitted with energy saving glazing in a generous, cost effective way, independent of their supporting projects.


Structural Glazing

The THERM+ Structural Glazing SG2 curtain wall systems feature the most intricate glazing technique. A narrow silicone joint is the only visible line between the insulation glass panes. Retention of the internal pane is enabled easily, quickly and securely with the use of SG glazing toggles. By utilising the SG insulating block, curtain walls achieve outstanding thermal insulation values.


Burglar resistance

The THERM+ basic system can be upgraded with minor additions to the burglary-resistant façade in resistance classes RC2 and RC3. For maximum freedom of design, all pressure profile variants with clipped cover strip or visible screw connection as well as flat compression strips (in RC2) can be used.


Roof ventilation set

  • For all series I of the THERM+ systems
  • Designed in two different shaft lengths
  • Variants for pressure or cover profiles, pressure profile with visible screw connection and structural glazing joints available