SLIFT opens the door to new architectural possibilities: large glass surfaces that offer total transparency and excellent light incidence allow creative visions to become reality. Discover the brilliant combination of elegance, variability and ease of installation with SLIFT 170: the versatile aluminium lift-and-slide door system enables constructions with the narrowest profile widths while meeting the highest structural requirements.

Key Features

  • Perfectly compatible with FRAME+
  • Easy integration with THERM+ façades
  • Thermally and statically optimised mullion area
  • Roll-formed stainless steel running trackl
  • Optional thermal insulation incl. joints
  • Concealed integration into structural connections thanks to direct glazing in the frame profiles
  • No visible glazing beads: high quality GO variant sash design
Maximum frame dimensions 9.100 × 3.300 mm
Maximum sash dimensions:
Surface area

4.500 mm
3.200 mm
10 m²
Maximum sash weight:
Single roller
Tandem roller

330 kg
440 kg
Glass thickness:
Internal glazing 
External glazing

10 – 56 mm
22 – 53 mm
Centre sealing strip adjustable
Longitudinal joint possible
Frame profile corner  90°
CE Performance Characteristics*
Air permeability class 4 
Wind resistance class B4 / C4
Water tightness class E 750
Durability class 2
Operating force class 1
Sound insulation Rw up to 44 dB
Thermal insulation Uw-Value≥ 0.85 W/(m²K)

* The maximum values of the test samples are given as values; these may vary depending on the layout and size.