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Innovation down to the smallest detail


A distinctive feature of the THERM+ aluminium curtain wall system is the innovative T-connection technology. Every single detail in its development has been analysed to provide an abundance of advantages:

  • Identical for THERM+ A-V / A-I in all system widths.
  • Simple butt joint with straight cuts, without notching the profiles.
  • Several variants for different requirements and types of installation.
  • THERM+ A-V as a statically reinforced version possible for vertical facades with high static requirements.
  • T-connector for high vertical loads up to 600 kg tested and approved by the building inspectorate.
  • Extremely stiff bolt connection by spreading-clamping action when screwing.
  • Prefabrication of transport-stable elements in the workshop possible.
  • Optically perfect T-connections thanks to optimum locking system on the entire depth.
  • T-connectors can also be used as rods for the static reinforcement of the support profiles, for foot and head brackets and for profile joints.