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Perfect corrosion protection thanks to plastic base profile


With its specific material properties, steel offers an extremely rich variety of forms and therefore a diverse range of creative possibilities. The unique patented fixture principle of the THERM+ system has been developed from real-life requirements in order to extend those possibilities further without limiting itself to glazed curtain walling, and at the same time to reach a safe but simple assembly as well as providing maximum protection against corrosion.

  • Perfect protection against corrosion due to a 3 mm safety distance between structural profile and system base profile, thus no metal components in direct contact with each other (see fig. 1)
  • Patented base profile system with stainless steel clad and aluminium screw channel, for easy fabrication and reliable mounting
  • High screw retention values and smooth screw fastening due to the aluminium screw channel
  • Option for galvanised structures in coastal areas or within swimming pool environment: the S235JR mild steel shroud with retro fit powder coated aluminium screw channel
  • Spot-welding fixation for reduced production times
  • Easy and efficient fabrication with practical system tools
  • Mounting of the base profile with fastener, blind rivet or thread-forming screw