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Burglar resistance


The THERM+ basic system can be upgraded with minor additions to the burglary-resistant façade in resistance classes RC2 and RC3. For maximum freedom of design, all pressure profile variants with clipped cover strip or visible screw connection as well as flat compression strips (in RC2) can be used.


  • Extension of the standard systems by using additional shims with pressure-resistant backing and captivated ball bearing screw heads
  • For RC3 supplementary reinforcement to the pressure profile, captivated ball bearing screw heads, reduced screw spacing
  • No visual difference between the variations
  • Wide selection of pressure and cover profiles
  • System width and infill thickness as for standard systems
  • Manufacture is identical to the standard system, thus production and assembly is rationalised to the standard system
  • The production of glass roofs in class RC2 and RC3 is also available