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Fire protection


Minor additions to the standard THERM+ system are all that is needed to construct fire resistant curtain wall in a range of protection classes. The maximum size of 1,920 mm x 3,000 mm glazing panels provides a new dimension in fire protection.


  • The design of fire protection curtain wall is identical to the standard systems, thus requiring a minimum of additional cost and fabrication effort
  • Supplement to the standard system: Aluminium glass carrier, Short length stainless steel reinforcement to pressure plate, Fire protection block (intumescent strip in glazing rebate)
  • Application of standard gaskets
  • No visual difference between the variations
  • All standard structural profiles can be applied
  • Maximum freedom of design with storey height screens
System width
50 / 56 mm
structural profiles from 50 mm
Fire resistance
Max. glass formats 1,400 x 3,000 mm
General approval Classification report No. 
14-002042-PR01 (ift Rosenheim)