Sustainable protection of the environment and resources is achievable and safeguards the future for coming generations as well. Whether steel, aluminium or timber systems, all RAICO products are designed to have maximum strength and durability with minimal use of materials and energy. In addition, our profiles can be optimally fed back into the material cycle. For example, aluminium can be recycled again and again. Wooden façade and window systems even sequester large amounts of CO2. They can be fed back into the raw material cycle without any significant effort. This is saved energy that we prefer to invest in things that save even more resources.

Being resource-conscious 

  • Climate-friendly “low-carbon” aluminium:
    Maximum 4 kg of CO2 emissions per kg of aluminium (equivalent to about a quarter of the international average), which is a major component of our products. (Hydro, 2020)

  • Recycling circuit:
    Almost 100% of the aluminium production scrap is recycled back into the production process – and aluminium from dismantled elements is reused in the recycling circuit too.

  • Passive house standard:
    Ecological, sustainable building using energy-efficient RAICO window and façade systems.

  • Minimal use of materials:
    Weld-on screw channel for steel façade solutions

  • Philanthropic activities:
    Active member of the AIUIF e. V. (the German association for Aluminium and the Environment in Window and Façade Construction) and the DGNB e. V. (German Sustainable Building Council).

“The most valuable resource is the one you don’t consume.”







The most valuable resource is the one you don't consume.
The most valuable resource is the one you don't consume.