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Top RAICO quality now confirmed by ISO certification

The moment when something you really care about is confirmed to you signed and sealed is always a very special occasion – and that moment happened at the beginning of September 2018: With the successful ISO 9001:2015 certification the auditing authority TÜV Süd certified that, besides living up to our own high standards, the RAICO quality management system also perfectly meets all international standards.

Successful quality management – a guarantee everyone can trust in 

Consistently maintaining the high quality of our products and services has always been our aim at RAICO. We focus on well-defined processes, always keeping an eye on opportunities for improvement. Successful quality management corresponds to the minute adjustments of a clockwork: Only if all the cogs interlock precisely, the clock runs true to the exact second. Making processes reliable, fast and simple, optimizing costs while preserving the highest quality standards, cooperating efficiently with suppliers and partners and always watching out with a keen eye to find innovative and individual solutions: For our customers and partners as well as for our employees, the ISO 9001:2015 certification is the best affirmation that at RAICO everything runs like clockwork – and one of the moments in time we are proud of.

Beste RAICO-Qualität jetzt mit ISO-Zertifizierung bestätigt
Beste RAICO-Qualität jetzt mit ISO-Zertifizierung bestätigt