Company news 2014

RAICO co-operates with Menck Windows USA

RAICO has moved a sizeable step closer to the expansion of its worldwide sales network with the opening up of the American market through a new co-operation partner in the northeast of the United States.

The new partner is Menck Windows USA Inc.. Menck Windows is a joint venture between Liesenfeld International GmbH and leading window manufacturer, Menck Fenster GmbH, of Hamburg, Germany. The company, with which RAICO has already co-operated for many years, primarily in the field of timber fa├žade construction on the German and European markets, will mainly operate in the states of Massachusetts, Connecticut, New Hampshire, Vermont, Rhode Island, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Maine.

We look forward to a successful co-operation and many beautiful objects! Further detailed information on Menck Windows USA Inc. can also be found at